[IG]Chalida’s Big Family

Just minutes ago…

I wonder if Chalida ships Great and Matt. HAHAHA!! JK.

Matt: My beloved niece.
Chalida: Love Aunt. @greatrider10 Uncle is missing.
Gubgub: Kaaaaaaaaaaaa. E-paaaaaaaaaaa gae weeeerrrrrr. (Yessssss. Overly olddddddd Aunt.)


Tbh. Chalida has a really big family out there. This is like a list of her family. She actually calls then all by these titles. No joke. 5555

Alex – Dad
Maphrang – Mom
Great – Uncle (Loong)
Matt – Pa (Big Aunt)
Taew – Uee (Aunt?)
Margie – Je (Chinese sister)
Boy – Pae (Chinese uncle)
Kik Danai – Grandpa (Boo)

Pope – Grandpa’s friend


Chalida: What is Grandpa and Uncle looking at?
Kik: Doo roop nu yoo ah ^^ (Looking at your picture sweetheart.^^)

I notice Great, Kik, and Pope likes to use “^^” when they reply to Chalida. It’s so cute. HAHA.


Chalida: Khun Boo, fak doo lae peun khun boo duay. Lung buay. 555555 (Grandpa, please take care of your friend. His back hurts. HAHAHA)


Taew always defends Chalida whenever P’Nok pranks Chalida. LOL. Narakkkkk.

Top IG
Nok: Auntie of the industry.
Taew: Tai tai. Nu gaw yai ler ta ngun (OMG. That makes me a grandma then).

Bottom IG
Nok: Praepailin’s gun.
Taew: Ra wung Mint aow glub bang na ka. (Be careful. Mint might get you back).
Nok: @mint_chalida Tum mai Khun Pa ma cha jung. (Why is Auntie taking such a long time to get here?)
Chalida: It looks like a water gun xD.


2M Suay tung koo loey.


Boy returning from Japan and Chalida returning from Korea.

Old pictures from earlier this year. Last month, a few weeks ago, and a few days ago.

Winter 2011.

I love how Great always call Chalida ‘LAN’ or niece. He calls her this all the time. Yesterday, he also commented: ‘Glub ma dai laew lannnnn ! Very Happy‘ = ‘Come back already, nieceeeee! Very Happy

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