im is a popular Thai-language website and discussion forum. As of April 2008, was one of the top 10 websites in Thailand, along with rival Thai portal[2] Discussions about Thai politics and current events on’s topic boards are often cited in the Thai press, particularly in such English-language newspapers as the Bangkok […]


“You’ll know it’s the end when you start thinking about the beginning.” That seems to describe my relationship with Thai lakorns in the past few years. I find myself gravitating towards lakorns that I’ve already watched lifetimes ago rather than tuning in to currently airing ones. This year, I have yet to finish one complete […]

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Starting @ 0:52 – 3:33 “With regards to the situation, with what happened, I admit that I am really wrong. I admit that I was reckless and impatient. And before anything, I have to apologize to Channel 3 and the elders who have always supported me.  I apologize to the fanclubs who I have caused […]


  “With regards to what happened, as the middleman, I admit I feel quite troubled about it. I think you should wait for the two to come out and say something.  This is something that is sensitive and delicate.  If  I say something and the details are wrong, it’s bad. It’s better to wait for […]


It turned out to be a huge story when a screenshot of an offline conversation was captured from what looks like to be pra aek Mak Prin Suparat insulting nang aek Mint Chalida’s Wijitwongthong’s mother.  It is to the extent that he will go and spit in the face of Mint’s mom.  The cause of […]


Once upon a Christmas season…. 104 pages.🙂 Passion, baby! Wow. It’s been forever since I’ve made a post.  It feels a little weird navigating around my own blog. I’ll get straight to the point. So this morning, I suddenly had the urge to merge my translations into a pdf file.  Then I thought: Why not just “publish” […]


Not even half a day has passed and already plans are changing. Tu Piyawadee clarifies alleged statements towards James Jirayu and his fanclub. Then she proceeds to rectify her previous statements regarding the news about Nadech and Chalida in Kaew Tha Wan Jai. Like in the previous post, I translated only contents related to Kaew […]